Fine jewellery repair and restoration, Aberdeen Scotland

Sandy Menzies Jewellery Repair. Aberdeen-based solution to all your fine jewellery repair and restoration needs. Whether it’s replacing a tiny diamond or a total remake.

From simple chain repairs, ring sizing and remounting through to more complicated setting and ring reconstruction we do it all!

After 25 years I still love to see the look on someone’s face when they open the lid on the old ring box and say

gosh it’s as good as new……’s so shiny and the stones are sparkling again

I still do many repairs each week from the most simple through to the very nearly impossible. While learning the basic skills of the jewellery trade in Edinburgh with Bob Drever away back in 1985-88.  I spent much of my first few years at the bench carrying out repairs on modern and antique jewellery and I have always found it very satisfying breathing life into a worn out piece of jewellery.

Do you have a piece of sentimental jewellery that you need fixing? email Sandy Menzies to help with Jewellery repairs in Aberdeen Scotland.