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Polishing Matt Finishing & Cleaning

Polishing Matt Finishing & Cleaning

There are a number of different methods of polishing to achieve a high lustre finish as well several ways to create matt finishes.

Whether creating a polished or matt finish the surface has to be filed and sanded using wet and dry paper of different grades or different grades of rubberised small Evelex wheels or points to create a fine even surface with no scratches.

A pre polish can be achieved using a magnetic barrel machine which uses fine stainless steel beads in a cutting solution containing fine corundum particles to impart a fine medium finish on all surfaces. This is particularly good for textured items to achieve an even finish.

Alternatively, a hard calico mop rotating on a small polishing motor with a wax cutting compound applied to the surface can be used to achieve a relatively high finish. Then change the polishing mop to a soft stitched calico mop with a high lustre super finish wax compound to give a high lustre finish.

Small polishing mops can also be used in hand held rotary devices to get into smaller areas.

Matt finishes are only applied once a medium polished state is reached.

These can be achieved using either Scotchbrite fibre mops to give a brushed finish or wire satin texturizing mops which give a stipled finish.

Other textures can be applied by using different shaped burrs using a micro motor hand held devices.

After polishing or texturing the item would be cleaned in an ultra sonic cleaning bath containing a very warm, strong detergent solution with a strong vibrating action to get rid of any polish which might still be on the surface or stuck in the back of settings.