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A Sparkling New Website

A Sparkling New Website

Sandy Menzies Jewellery: A Sparkling New Website

The website features a selection of Sandy’s bespoke commissions, wedding rings, his blog and, for the first time, his semi-bespoke collections. These pieces, all designed by Sandy, include sets of matching rings, pendants, stud earrings and drop earrings and all items are priced. The buyer has a choice of precious metals, stone type and carat weight and finger sizes and the cost changes to reflect the combination chosen.

Sandy explained, “My clients want something a little bit different from what is offered in a high street jewellery shop. It’s about listening carefully and coming up with a beautiful, practical design, within budget.

‘My clients have far more input in shaping the design as we go along. My 3D animated renderings are so lifelike you can almost touch the finished product. It’s especially good if a client has stones or wants to remake an existing piece.

“CAD is particularly useful when a client has existing stones, an irregular stone, or wants to re-make a piece using heirloom pieces. I give the full scrap value of any gold the customer has as a credit against the new design.

“Once the design is finalised, it’s 3D printed in wax resin then cast in the chosen metal, before being finished, polished, set and hallmarked.

The client can have the jewellery they've been dreaming of...