Just Bought Keyshot 7……………so excited

Just bought Keyshot 7 which is the most amazing rendering software. I can now create photorealistic images of my CAD files.
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Just bought Keyshot 7!
the most amazing rendering software.

I can now create  photo-realistic images of my CAD files. It’s incredible !!!!!


If you are a designer working with Rhino there’s a good chance that you are, or would like to be, involved in creating visuals or renderings from your models; and if you’re familiar with rendering, then you’ve probably heard of KeyShot.

Product Design Rendering with KeyShot

KeyShot generates high quality photorealistic visuals quickly and with minimal learning overhead. The simple interface and pre-built lighting environments mean that you can set up a render in minutes. Drag and drop physically accurate materials, lighting environments and backplates combined with simple sliders for lighting, quality and camera position ensure that you can concentrate on creating great visuals rather than wresting with the interface and making endless adjustments. KeyShot is used by some of the world’s leading companies including Motorola, Chrysler, Philips, Microsoft and Whirlpool.

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