Bespoke Kiltpin

special kiltpin for her fiancée

Katie wanted me to make a special kiltpin for her fiancée as a gift from her in recognition of the beautiful engagement ring he had purchased for her.

I began by showing Katie a previous kiltpin design that was a bit unusual but still traditional. She particularly liked the drop handled sword idea but wanted to incorporate symbolism appropriate to both herself and her fiancée.

She mentioned that he was English by birth and I suggested a thistle on the pommel of the sword symbolising her and an English rose at the hilt representing him.

That sounds great”………… did, although I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to model an old fashioned English rose !!!!!



I made a wax model of the sword with the thistle pommel and had it cast and, after a bit of trial and error, fabricated a rose out of very thin silver sheet and welded it in place on the hilt.

“Sandy altered my new engagement ring overnight when other jewellers said it would take a month.  He swiftly repaired the same ring when one of the stones popped out. 


Best of all, he created the most beautiful original kilt pin as a present for my fiancé incorporating an English rose and Scottish thistle. 


Accommodating my every whim! Sandy is a rare find.  An artisan jeweller providing excellent customer service and creative flair in Aberdeen and I can highly recommend his services.”